Monday, May 5, 2014

Project Butterfly: A line is a line

I ended up caving on Friday night (4dp6dt) and used a wondfo HPT.  After dipping the stick I had the usual "what am I doing?  It's way too early" mental battle.  My justification was that the wondfos expire in June so I might as well use them up now.  After the standard wait time I glanced at the test and could not believe my eyes.  There was the faint shadow of a line!  After testing again (with FRER) that night, Saturday morning, Sunday morning, and again this morning we were so excited to see the second line get darker.  Here is the fade in pic, sorry for the horrendous quality.

This morning I called Nurse V and left a message to see if we could come in for an earlier beta.  Thursday is too far away.  She called back with my P4 results from Friday, they had to send it out as their machine was broken.  It was 14.5, well within the normal range.  It had been a busy morning and hadn't heard my message yet so I asked about the beta.  She sounded so happy after hearing about the positive tests.  While they like to do the beta at 10dp6dt we could definitely go in tomorrow morning for earlier blood work.  The number may be a bit low, but what matters is that it doubles every 48 hours.

If the numbers look good we've decided to tell our parents on Mother's Day.  We've been vague on the details of when we'd find out if it worked or not so hopefully it will be a nice surprise.  My due date is January 13th, but with my UU it's likely our butterfly would be born a little early.  While I won't be able to relax until baby is actually here, what with all of the unknown UU factors and previous loss, today I am pregnant and I love my baby.  


  1. Jumping for joy for you! Those lines are looking so beautiful! Can't wait to read about a good, strong beta!

    1. Thanks Jess!! I hope you are doing well!