Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Half baked!

I would first like to apologize for my absence.  Between work, vacation, and some anxiety I haven't been very good about posting blog updates.  We'll play a little catch up today, but I'll keep it short and sweet.

When we last left our intrepid heroes they were preparing for the next OB appointment.  On August 4th (16w6d) we left work a little early and headed to the office.  This was a big appointment involving the first cervical length check and one hour glucose test.  As we got closer I started drinking the orange glucola.  It wasn't too bad, just tasted like flat orange soda.  The appointment started with the ultrasound.  The tech started with an abdominal scan to check on butterfly.  She wasn't as active this time so the tech was able to get the measurements quickly.  Butterfly has both kidneys!  Since baby was looking down the whole time we didn't get a good profile picture.  The tech then switched to the dildo cam and measured my cervix.  Once she was done we headed out to the regular waiting room.  I was called back quickly to meet with Dr. K.  He was very nice and said my cervix was measuring nice and long at 3.7.  The Inherigen genetic disease test results had also come back all normal.  All that was left was getting blood drawn for the glucose test and the second part of the First Tri Screening.  Here is baby girl's ultrasound picture:

The next Friday we started our vacation.  We headed down to the Outer Banks for the week and had a great time.  The house was enormous and right on the beach.  There were 17 of us there, but it never felt crowded.  I somehow managed to not get sunburned so that is a win.  Experienced my first craving while there for amazing nachos at this one little grill.  Writing about it now makes me really want those nachos.  One thing I loved about the week was seeing Dave interact with his cousin's two young sons.  He's going to be such a good dad.

After getting home life has been filled with mostly work.  I've had some bad anxiety lately about reaching viability.  Many of the ladies in my UU support group have had losses between 18 to 24 weeks.  I'm so scared of losing butterfly when we've made it so far already.  Feeling her roll and kick is reassuring and I often poke and prod my belly to get her to move.  Hopefully the anatomy scan and cervical length check next Friday will help put my mind at ease.  Every night before bed I talk to butterfly about the day and ask her to please stay put until December at the very least.

Here are my bump pics from 17 to 19 weeks and below that is my full 20 week update.

17 weeks

18 weeks in the Outer Banks

19 weeks

How far along? 20w1d
Total weight gain/loss? Haven't weighed myself recently
Stretch marks? Nothing new
Maternity clothes? All the time except for a few long tanks and stretchy shirts
Sleep? Incredibly uncomfortable, thought the Boppy pillow has helped
Sex? Girl
Best moment of the week? 99% deciding on butterfly's first name
Movement? Lots of rolling and little punches/kicks
Food cravings? Indian food
Belly button in/out? In, but definitely getting shallower
What I miss: Comfortable sleep
What I am looking forward to: Anatomy scan next week!
Milestones: Butterfly is the size of a banana.  Also she is half baked!