Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Project Butterfly: Beta #1

Well first beta came back at 28.4.  Nurse V said not to worry too much about the low number as it's still early (8dp6dt).  I go back on Thursday morning for beta #2.

Googling has helped and freaked me out a bit.  The general consensus is that FETs are slow starters for betas.  Still I found many instances of betas being more around 50 for others that had 8dp6dt betas.  I'm finding solace in the fact that today's test was just as dark as yesterdays.  Little butterfly is in there and just starting to wake up.  Thursday will be better.


  1. It's definitely still early! Fingers crossed for a rising Beta!

  2. It's still early! Everything I found online had huge ranges for early beta numbers. FX for a fantastic second beta!! Go little butterfly, go!