Wednesday, May 14, 2014

New look

With this blog transitioning into pregnancy after IF I felt it was time for a new look.  For now it is very basic and I'm liking the cleaner look and color scheme.  The background was one of the stock Blogger images and the only one that had butterflies in it.  I'm going to look around to find a better background, but for now this one will do.

Three weeks of daily PIO and twice weekly Delestrogen have taken a toll on my rear.  The shots are becoming more painful as Dave tries to find a spot that is not bruised.  I finally took a look in the mirror last night and it was slightly horrifying.  Last night was a Delestrogen night and the needle hurt a lot going in.  My reaction scared Dave and he pulled the needle out, not wanting to hurt me.  Whoops.  After reassuring him that I was okay, he did the shot and it burned like hell.  Hopefully only five more weeks of shots to go!

This morning we got up early, did PIO (ouch), and headed to the RE office.  Today would be my final beta.  After dropping me off Dave headed out to grab breakfast.  Of course the waiting room was empty so I was called back right away.  Nurse MJ was wearing her butterfly shirt once again!  She was excited to see me and was happy to hear how well my numbers were progressing.  After navigating my tricky veins she got enough blood and I was free to go.

Now the wait begins.  Nurse V will call with the results this afternoon.  If everything is still good we can schedule the first ultrasound!  I can't wait to see butterfly!!

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