Friday, May 30, 2014

Graduation day!

Yesterday was graduation day!!  We left work a little after 3 and headed to the office.  We were called back quickly and Dr. S started the ultrasound.  Butterfly showed up right away, her heart steadily beating away.  Dr. S started taking measurements and pointed out that she was a little trouble maker already.  She wouldn't move out of the way so he could get a look at the fetal pole.  Definitely Dave's daughter.

Dr. S did find a small dark spot where the placenta had separated a bit.  He said that was likely the cause of my bleeding episode last week and it should fix itself.  My right ovary was nowhere to found and my left was being obscured by my uterus.  He mentioned that if I have a C-section we should have them look for my right ovary while they're in there just to see what it's up to.  It hasn't been seen since ER in February.  

The little trouble maker
Once he finished the scan I got dressed and we met in his office.  He went through my enormous chart and flagged pages for the secretary to copy.  I am to stay on my meds until July 1st, when I'll be 12 weeks along.  He did cut my PIO dose in half, hopefully that will help make it more bearable.  Dr. S said that if the PIO became too much we could switch to all Prometrium, one in the morning and two at night.  I'd rather stick with what's working to be honest.  The pain is temporary, my butt will have time to heal.

After finishing the flagging we went to the front desk so the secretary could start copying.  Dr. S wished us luck and asked us to bring the baby around next year so everyone could meet her.  All the staff congratulated us on our graduation, apparently there had been a lot of graduations that day.  Our files were copied quickly and we left the office.

It felt strange to be released from our RE.  For the past year and a half that office has been a huge part of our lives.  Now we're back in the real world and going to my OB.  I'll be treated like a normal, albeit high risk, pregnant lady.  I still can't believe that this could be it, butterfly could very well be our rainbow.  I talk to her every night before going to sleep, tell her how much we love her, and ask her to please keep growing big and strong.  Dave kissed my belly and said good night to our little blueberry last night.  He is getting so excited about being a dad!  He's going to be an amazing father :)

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  1. Congrats on graduating, how exciting!! I hope your little butterfly keeps growing big and strong!!