Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Project Butterfly: PUPO! (long)

I've been a bad blogger lately, I apologize.  Things got busy as we prepared for the embryo transfer.  We got into our morning PIO routine and the soreness I experienced the first day stopped after a few shots.  A few days before transfer I started antibiotics as a precaution.  Hopefully I won't have to take them again for a long while, they make me feel very ill.  The night before transfer we ordered dinner from our favorite Thai restaurant and watched a movie.  When it was time for bed I took the sleeping pill and drifted off to sleep, dreaming of our butterfly.

We woke up early, it was a double progesterone morning.  Along with the PIO shot I also had to start a vaginal progesterone suppository called Prometrium.  After showering, getting ready, and triple checking that the Valium pill was in my purse we headed out to breakfast.  For the transfer I needed to have a full bladder so I skipped the morning coffee and just had a glass of water.  During the drive over to the office I took the Valium and drank about half of a small bottle of water.  We arrived a little early, but were called back right at 10:45.

Nurse V brought us to the procedure prep room and I changed into the very flattering pink paper gown, hair net, and booties.  Dave got a nice blue paper smock, hair net, and face mask.  I had brought the special butterfly socks I wore for egg retrieval, it seemed fitting.  Dr. F came by to discuss our little butterfly, who had survived the thawing process.  She handed us a picture of our sweet butterfly at thaw and after thaw.  It's amazing to think this little ball of cells could become our rainbow baby.

Nurse V then came in with our instructions for after transfer.  I would be staying in the room after transfer for 30 minutes.  After that we could go home and I would be on bed rest for 24 hours.  Friday morning we go back to the office for a blood draw to check my progesterone levels.  If everything looks good I will continue the current med dosages.  Next Thursday will be the blood pregnancy test, aka the beta.  Not being able to wait I'll likely start peeing on all the sticks this weekend.

We headed into the procedure room and Nurse V put the coldest u/s gel in the world on my abdomen.  She had to check if my bladder was full enough to proceed via ultrasound, which it was not.  She brought in a few cups of water for me to drink and checked again after 15 minutes.  With my bladder now full it was go time.  Dr. S came in and I got situated in the raised stirrups.  It was time for the worst part of the transfer, placing the speculum.  It was extremely uncomfortable and he had me take a few minutes to breath and settle down.  Then the second worst part began, cleaning the cervix.  That procedure took a few minutes and I held Dave's hand very tightly the whole time.  Once my cervix was sparkly clean Dr. S did a quick trial with the catheter.  More icy cold u/s gel was applied and we were able to see the catheter moving on the screen.  Happy with how it looked it was time for Dr. F to load our butterfly into the catheter.

Dr. S reinserted the catheter, now carrying precious cargo.  We watched as he got the catheter in place and released baby butterfly into my womb.  Butterfly was visible as a bright white dot on the screen and I could feel tears forming in my eyes.  At that moment I was PUPO, pregnant until proven otherwise.  After removing the torture device Dr. S said he was very happy with how my lining looked and how our embryo released easily.  Nurse V had me lay flat on the table, then tilted it back slightly.  Unless the urge to pee was too much I was to lay there for 30 minutes.

Once the time had passed I was able to get up, get changed, pee, and we were sent on our way.  At my request Dave swung by the Baskin Robbins and got me a Mint Chocolate Chip milkshake.  Once home I settled into bed, put on a movie, and snuggled the kitties.  Through the day I napped on and off.  Our friends came over for weekly Game Night and I moved out onto the couch to enjoy their company.  We hadn't been able to have a proper Game Night in weeks and it was nice to see our friends.

Today I am 2dp6t (2 days past 6 day transfer) and do not have any symptoms.  My boobs are extremely sore, but that started after a few days of PIO.  For now I am enjoying being PUPO with our butterfly.  While some ladies are able to make it to beta without testing, I just cannot do it.  I'll likely start taking home tests this weekend.


  1. I love that Dave got to go in with you- our office always left me in the procedure room alone. Fingers crossed for you and your butterfly! Hopefully the time between now and next Thursday will pass quickly for you!

  2. Congrats Meagan!! FX so hard for you and your butterfly!