Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Project Butterfly: Phase 2 aka My Butt Hurts

Yesterday was technically my ovulation day!  That meant taking my last shot of Lupron, hopefully for a very long time.  Being a Tuesday it was also bum shot of Delestrogen time.  The method of switching sides for every shot has been working well so far.  It was a left side night and there was very little pain and only a small amount of bleeding afterwards.  I tried to go to bed early in preparation for our new early morning routine with PIO, but had trouble falling asleep.  This was the turning point, we were moving to Phase 2.  In 6 days our butterfly was coming home, hopefully for the long haul.

6am came quickly and I was woken by the sound of my alarm.  Before I even turned it off Dave was up and grabbing the ice pack from the freezer.  While I laid in bed with the ice pack, preparing my tush, Dave hopped in the shower.  At 6:20 Dave brought me the PIO vial.  I held it in my hand for ten minutes to warm the vial, letting the oil thin out.  While filling the syringe I suddenly realized my sleepy mistake.  The ice pack was on the same spot we had done the Delestrogen the previous night.  So much for the switching sides method...

Like the previous night's shot there was very little pain and bleeding afterwards.  Dave massaged the injection area to help spread the oil out and quickly nuked my rice sock heating pad.  I laid in bed for about fifteen minutes while the heat did it's magic.  We were both dressed and ready to go by 7am, the usual time we leave for work.  It seems our new morning routine will work just fine.  

I noticed the injection area getting sore as we headed out to the car.  During the ride there was a slight burning sensation that seems to flare up when I sit down.  My immediate fear was that I was experiencing a reaction to the oil.  The area does not look red or inflamed so I'm leaning more towards irritation from two shots in the same place within 12 hours.  We'll try the PIO on the other side tomorrow morning and if there is a similar burning I will call Nurse V to get her opinion.  Hopefully it's just cranky muscle tissue getting used to being jabbed.

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