Monday, April 21, 2014

Project Butterfly: PIO is a go! (or My Husband is Always Right)

I want to give a special shout out to the lovely Dreamers who kept me calm over the weekend.  After getting the call from Nurse V on Friday I nearly spiraled into complete panic mode.  The Dreamer ladies and Dave were my rock, keeping me firmly on the ground.  We did our best to keep busy Friday and Saturday, occupying our time with video games, grocery shopping, and cleaning.  It is nice to be able to escape into Final Fantasy XIV, all my cares in the world just melt away.

Sunday morning arrived and I headed out to Dr. S' office.  After about ten minutes I was called back to the ultrasound room.  As always, Dr. S gives the most gentle ultrasounds.  He explained that the tech on Friday had noted that my lining was nearly triple stripe, what is considered perfect lining for implantation.  With my unicornuate uterus being so rare, it is hard for most people to read it correctly.  He wanted to take a closer look himself before signing off on our transfer.  There was no way we would continue with the transfer if things didn't look perfect.

Dr. S showed me on the screen the three distinct striations of my lining.  It was very cool to see.  Near the bottom it was very shadowy, but he could follow the triple stripe down into the shadow.  Now convinced that the lining was perfect he said we could go ahead and schedule transfer.  Nurse E was going to get everything set up and call with instructions in an hour.  I headed home with a very big smile on my face.

Nurse E called right after I got home.  She instructed me to continue Lupron through Tuesday night and take 0.4ml Delestrogen Tuesday night.  Wednesday morning I would start daily PIO injections.  On Thursday I would add in Medrol and Doxycycline.  Embryo transfer is scheduled for Monday 4/28 and I'll be on 24 bed rest afterwards.  I'm so excited to be reunited with our little butterfly!

Dave was, of course, right again.  He asked if he could buy me a shirt that says "My husband is always right".  I told him that if the transfer works and I get pregnant then I will proudly wear that shirt.

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