Friday, April 18, 2014

Project Butterfly: Bum Shot #3 and the Return of Anxiety

Tuesday night's shot went off without incident.  I felt the needle more, but still experienced no pain.  To make up for it my body decided the Lupron shot would be a painful bleeder.  Thanks body, really appreciate that.

We were up bright and early this morning for my 6:30am appointment.  It was absolutely freezing when we left the house.  I am so over winter!  After signing in they called me back for the blood draw.  Nurse MJ asked if she could stick my left arm.  Never a good sign.  After explaining how that arm seemed to be void of veins she went after the right arm.  The needle hurt a lot, but she was able to get the needed amount.  After that it was u/s time.  That also ended up being very uncomfortable today, but over relatively quickly.

Around noon I started to glance at my phone constantly.  Finally after 2pm it lit up with a call from the office.  It was Nurse V and she had my instructions.  Tonight would be 0.4ml of Delestrogen and 5iu Lupron.  Tomorrow night just the Lupron.  On Sunday morning I had an appointment for an u/s with Dr. S.  My heart dropped into my stomach.  Nurse V said he wanted to check my lining himself.  Every time previously when Dr. S wanted to check something himself, it has always ended in bad news.  I stayed calm on the phone, but internally I was freaking the hell out.

Everything could be perfectly fine and he could do this with every FET patient.  The nurses have always said my lining looked great previously.  My scumbag brain sees this as our FET about to be cancelled.  Sunday morning cannot get here soon enough.

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