Friday, April 11, 2014

Project Butterfly: Phase 1

I was shocked to see blood on the toilet paper Thursday morning.  There was no spotting or any type of warning.  Of course I was ill prepared at work and only had a panty liner.  After getting situated I called and left a message for Nurse V.  Luckily it was close to lunch and the little panty liner held out.  On our way to lunch we stopped at Walgreens for emergency pads.  Nurse V called while I was in the store and scheduled baseline for the following morning.

After work Dave and I headed to the mall for our date night.  We were going to check out the dine-in movie theater to see Captain America: Winter Soldier.  The seats are so comfortable!  The food wasn't great, but being order a beer from your seat is amazing.  It does get a little distracting with waiters going up and down the aisle, but overall it wasn't bad.  The move was incredible, perhaps my favorite Marvel film to date.  It left us really psyched up for Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers 2.

This morning was an early wake up for the monitoring appointment.  There were very few people in the waiting room when I arrived.  Nurse MJ called me back right away to do the blood draw and it was a very short wait for the u/s.  The sad u/s machine was back.  It had been repaired, but they didn't seem to have exorcised all the demons.  Upon walking into the room with the tech it was just rebooting itself.  She mentioned that it had been happening more frequently this morning, but luckily never during an u/s.  ::Insert ominous foreshadowing music::.  My ovaries were playing hide and seek, righty was being particularly bad.  Can you guess what happened next?  Yep, u/s machine rebooted itself.  Cue awkward wait as it went through the boot sequence.  She finally got the pictures needed and it was done.  Luckily the ovaries are not going to be needed for the FET!

As we were heading to lunch Nurse V called.  Everything looked good and we are set to go!  My daily Lupron injections are dropping from 10iu to 5iu.  Considering how bad the side effects have been, I'm very happy for this.  I'll start daily baby aspirin and switch to the prescribed prenatal.  Tonight we will do the first Delestrogen injection, 0.2ml.  Dave will be giving me the injection and we are both nervous.  I have the Sher Institute instructional video bookmarked for review.  The estrogen shots will only take place on monitoring days, the next one is scheduled for Tuesday morning.  Once we get through the first one it should be smooth sailing.        

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  1. I'm so excited for you!! Keeping my FX hard for you!!!