Monday, April 14, 2014

Project Butterfly: Bum Shot #1

After the call from Nurse V my anxiety built throughout the day.  I was incredibly nervous for the IM shot of Delestrogen.  Near the end of the day I was blindsided.  The chattering harpies of customer service were giggling and talking excitedly.  Surprise, the only other younger married girl in the office is pregnant with her first child.  FML.  Of course no one has said anything to me, even today, and that hurts even more.  I'm happy for her, she's a really nice and sweet person, but I feel very much like an outsider now.  Communication isn't a strong point in this office and Dave doesn't think there is anything to read into, but I can't help but feel like a leper.

To get my spirits up we stopped and got dinner at my favorite Indian restaurant.  Since I can no longer drown my sorrows in alcohol, butter chicken and naan would have to suffice.  We chose 8pm as go time for the shot.  At 7:30 I started to ice my bum.  Twenty minutes later I grabbed the Delestrogen bottle and put it in my bra to warm up.  At 7:55 I assembled the syringe, uncapped the terrifying needle, and filled the appropriate dosage of Delestrogen.  We headed into the bedroom and locked the cats out.  I laid down on the bed and we talked about the correct place to inject.  With all the icing I could not feel where Dave was poking his finger on my tush and I freaked out a bit.  After calming down we shared a laugh after realizing we were pointing to the same exact place.  I buried my head in a pillow and Dave swabbed the area with an alcohol wipe and inserted the needle.  I felt the sensation of it going in, but there was no pain.  It was done quickly and I didn't even bleed!

Confidence was definitely at a high afterwards.  Dave massaged the area a bit, I was starting to feel sore.  We don't have a heating pad so we improvised.  I filled a tube sock with uncooked rice and knotted the end.  Into the microwave it went for about 40 seconds and now we have a poor man's heating pad.  The rice actually holds the radiant heat for about 30 minutes and can be microwaved again and again.  The sock was the perfect size to cover the injection site and was easily secured by the waistband of my sweatpants.  Thank you Pinterest!  I may make a nicer one with pretty fabric, but for now the sock will do.

Next lining check is tomorrow morning!    

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