Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Project Butterfly: Bum Shot #2

We were up bright and early this morning for monitoring.  Today would be the first lining check.  It was quiet again in the waiting room and I was brought back quickly for blood work.  Nurse MJ came in and I was pleasantly surprised to see her wearing butterfly scrubs.  I shared that we called the embryos our little butterflies and she thought it was very sweet.  It was then time for the dildo cam.  The haunted u/s machine behaved today, though it did sound like it was trying to brew a pot of coffee.  The u/s was very fast, I probably spent more time taking my boots and pants off than in the stirrups.  While checking out the financial girl informed me that we were getting a 40% discount off our cryostorage.  Small victories I guess.

Work has become very awkward.  I can hear everyone talking about baby stuff on the other side of the office, but no one from that side has acknowledged me since last week.  Really trying not to read into it, but I feel so shitty.  I really wish my team had our own office away from the rabble.  The harpies are so distracting, even when they are not talking about babies and pregnancy.

If I could make one request to my RE's office it would be to have them call with results and instructions at the same time every day.  Friday's call happened at noon.  Today the call came in right before 2pm.  My lining is measuring 10mm.  Tonight's Delestrogen dose will be 0.4ml and I go back in Friday morning for more monitoring.  I'm a little confused, 10mm seems plenty thick to go ahead with transfer.  Oh well, what's a few more days in the grand scheme of things?

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