Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Where is the fast forward button?

Wow, it’s been a while.  Sorry about that, but things moved very quickly from Saturday on.

I had monitoring early Saturday morning and the nurse called in the early afternoon.  Lo and behold it was go time.  I would take both trigger shots that night at 9:30pm and go in for the egg retrieval at 9am Monday morning.  Having to take both triggers was a good sign that I wasn’t at risk for OHSS.

On Sunday it was another early morning to get ready for a NJ Dreamer’s baby shower.  I met up with a fellow NJ Dreamer and we drove down to South Jersey together.  The shower was a blast and had lots of very fun games.  We even ended up winning the ‘build a baby item with play-doh’ game!  It was great to see the girls and I got lots of well wishes for the following day.

Monday morning came very quickly.  Luckily the threat of snow had delayed a lot of schools and the roads were relatively clear.  There was barely a dusting on the ground when we left the house.  After signing some paperwork I was taken into the back to change.  I was happy to see my RE would be doing the procedure.  The anesthesiologist came in and inserted the IV.  I’ve never had a hand IV before and it hurt like hell going in.  They had me walk into the procedure room and get set up on the table.  As the nurses prepped everything the anesthesiologist started to give me the happy drugs.  The first one was an anti-nausea med.  The second was a relaxant.  I felt it go through my whole body and started to feel sleepy.  The last one he did was the drug to knock me out.  The last thing I remember was the nurses wrapping my legs and one of them smiled at me.

The next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery.  They brought Dave in and we sat for a bit while the fog cleared.  Dr. S came in to give his report.  They had retrieved ten eggs from my right ovary.  My left ovary had ended up fixed behind my uterus and he didn’t want to risk going through the uterus to get to it.  I would ovulate any mature eggs on that ovary naturally.  Because of this I would not have to take the vaginal progesterone meds.  The embryologist would call me the next day with our fertilization report.  I was instructed to take it easy for the next few days and call on CD1 to get the ball rolling for the FET.  Once I felt better we headed home and I laid in bed the rest of the day.

I stayed home from work on Tuesday as I was still very sore and unable to move around much comfortably.  The embryologist called around 8:30 with our fertilization report.  Out of the ten eggs retrieved only four were mature.  All four had fertilized without assistance.  We would get our final report on Monday.  This would tell us how many made it to blastocysts, were biopsied, and then frozen.  The CCS testing results would come a few days later.

So now we are stuck in limbo until Monday.  I’m feeling very nervous about only having four little butterflies.  Yes, they could all be amazing and make it to freeze, but I was hoping to have more.  I am so mad at my left ovary.  Maybe it was a stupid dream to think that we could get away with having one IVF and only have to do FETs to get all of our children.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.         

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