Thursday, February 27, 2014

Follistim lives up to it's name

Nurse V called around 3pm yesterday with my instructions.  I had three measurable follicles on each ovary, five being between 10-12mm and one 16mm.  Dr. S was very happy with my E2 and I was told to add the 75iu Follistim back in that night.  I would come back in for monitoring the following morning.  At this point it was obvious that we were in for daily monitoring until trigger day.

We've been extremely lazy around the house lately.  Confession: the Christmas tree was still up in the living room.  We made a pact to pack the tree and ornaments away and start organizing the guest room.  After dinner I took care of the tree and Dave started on the guest room.  He made a lot of progress and our next big project for that room is to go through all of the books.  Injects went smoothly, though the Menopur continues to burn like hell.  Icing beforehand has really helped and the bleeding/bruising has been minimal.

Early wake up again this morning.  Nurse V seems to think I love having the first appointment of the day.  It's fine really, it guarantees we get to work on time at least.  MJ, my favorite blood drawing nurse, asked if I wanted her to try drawing from the left arm today.  If I actually had competent veins there, yes.  Unfortunately my left arm is like a dead zone and no one has successfully drawn blood from it.  So into the right arm the needle went and it really hurt.  The next few days of this will not be good.

Next up was u/s time.  Despite peeing right before we left the house my bladder was apparently full again.  It was pushing against the u/s wand and the tech couldn't see anything.  There are few things more annoying than having to get dressed again, pee, then come back in to try again.  Discomfort was still the name of the game today and I had to push down on my abdomen to move righty over.  She took a ton of pictures and measurements before finishing up.

At 1:30 Nurse V called with my instructions for the night.  I now had 11 follicles, 4 on the right and 7 on the left, all between 12-16mm.  Tonight will be the same protocol of Follistim, Menopur, and Lupron with monitoring in the morning.  She originally only had a 7:50 appointment, but was able to get me in early with a 6:20 appointment.  Nurse V predicted that my ER will likely be Monday which will be perfect since I have plans with some lovely ladies on Sunday.

It's crazy to think we only decided to move on to IVF a little less than 8 weeks ago.  Things have moved so fast and so many good things have fallen into place for us.  I only hope we continue to get good news.        

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  1. I'm keeping my fx that the good news keeps on coming!!