Friday, March 7, 2014

Please don't ring

My biggest fear over the past few days has been my phone ringing.  Specifically, the embryologist calling to say our four butterflies didn't make it.  Every time my phone lights up with a text or FB message, I cringe.  Our butterflies are 4 days old today.  Tomorrow or Sunday they should turn into beautiful little blastocysts, get biopsied, and then frozen.

This weekend Dave and I don't have any plans.  I'll need lots of distractions so we'll try and get some kitchen projects done .  Or we'll just play Final Fantasy XIV all weekend.  Either would work.

One thing I may have to do is go out clothes shopping.  I have been living in leggings, tights, and yoga pants since late last week.  The bloat has been unbelievable and I can't imagine jeans happening for a while.  My wardrobe is extremely limited right now so I could use more stretchy pants and long flowy tops.  They'll also come in handy for pregnancy, right?  It scares me to actually try and think that far ahead.  If we get good news on Monday I'll allow myself a little more hope.

Mommy and daddy love you little butterflies!  Keep growing strong!


  1. Sending so many good vibes to your beautiful butterflies!!! And I can so relate on the wardrobe stuff - fortunately (and maybe unfortunately?) I work at home, I haven't put on anything but yoga/stretchy pants in....I don't even know how long! Hope the bloat eases up soon!

  2. So happy to hear the news of your beautiful butterflies!!!! I'm praying for an excellent report with the CCS results. And, yes, go get yourself a pre-ternity wardrobe (see what I did there?! Pre-maternity?! Hahaha!!)