Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Take it slow

On Monday afternoon I got the call from Nurse V.  Everything was looking good and I had lots of small follies.  Dr. S was concerned with my E2 level so I was instructed to not take the Follitstim that night and Tuesday night, just the Menopur and Lupron.  Of course they cut out one of the easier meds.

We had friends over for our weekly Monday Game Night.  They know about our IVF and played a quick game of Cthulu Dice while I was shooting up in the kitchen.  Nothing to see here boys, pay no attention to the crazy needle lady.  It makes me so happy to have such supportive friends during this time.  I know I'm not acting like myself, the meds are really taking a toll and making me tired, irritable, and sluggish.  Having our friends over for a fun night of gaming and bad movies is a very welcome distraction.

Unfortunately after everyone went home things took a turn for the worse.  I was up most of the night in the bathroom.  Not sure if it's the Menopur or Metformin, but something has been wreaking havoc on my stomach.  When Dave woke me up the next morning I was a mess.  We ended up staying home from work and I slept on the couch all day while he worked from home on the bedroom computer.  Things were a little better by evening, but then came the next dose of meds.  Luckily it wasn't as bad as the previous night, but the early morning wake up for my monitoring appointment came very quickly.

I was the first one there this morning for monitoring.  My stomach had been gurgling, I was honestly afraid something bad would happen on the u/s table.  Thankfully my body behaved and there was no incident.  The u/s was very uncomfortable, usually a sign that my ovaries are getting big.  The tech took a ton of measurements and pictures, hopefully of lots (but not too many) of little growing cocoons.  Now I'm just waiting on the call from Nurse V with my instructions.  It's my mission to get all the information from her on my E2 levels and follie sizes.  They don't seem to give them out freely, but I am a freak and need to know everything.  

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