Friday, January 31, 2014


I have been nervous about this procedure all week.  If things looked bad our IVF would be cancelled and I'd have another endometrial biopsy.  My appointment was set for 4pm so we left work a little after 3.  I took some extra strength tylenol and tried to stay calm.  

A hysteroscopy involves placing a speculum in the vagina, cleaning the cervix with iodine, and then inserting a thin fiber optic camera through the cervix with some saline to expand the uterus.

Like so
The speculum hurt a lot as usual and the cervix cleaning part felt very strange.  Dr. S got the hysteroscope in quickly with minimal pain.  Everything was hooked up to a full color monitor and I actually got to see the inside of my uterus.  It's shaped like a very wide banana and we could see the small opening for my fallopian tube at the top.  Dr. S was very happy to see no lesions, polyps, or fibroids.  It seems my lining issues have been resolved by consistent ovulation.

Dr. S has not decided on a protocol for our IVF cycle yet.  He is leaning away from using Clomid at this point due to the bad side effects that can occur.  We will likely be going with a low dose injectable cycle.  Once he decides and we get the pre-certification back from the insurance company we can go ahead and make all the needed appointments.

I spent the night in a bit of pain, mostly bad cramps, but luckily had no bleeding.  The antibiotics make me feel very ill and I ended up working from home today.  Hopefully next week will bring more good news and we'll be bale to start cycling soon.

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