Thursday, February 6, 2014

Picking up speed

Hope everyone is staying safe and warm in this frozen winter "wonderland".  While leaving for work yesterday morning we discovered that my car was completely encased in ice.  It would have been really pretty had it not been such a huge annoyance.

We worked from home on Tuesday as our town was still digging out from Monday's 10" of snow.  I really love working from home.  No bothersome co-workers interrupting me with stupid questions and not having to listen to the incessant whining is amazing.  I get so much work done while sitting on the couch, movie on in the background, with snuggly kitties curled up next me.  It is especially helpful when I am on the phone with our ERP company most of the morning and do not have to compete for volume with the harpies.

After lunch, which was delicious taco salads, I got a call from one of the nurses from the RE office.  It was time to schedule our IVF class!  The earliest she could schedule for was next Tuesday at noon.  We'll be meeting with the nurse to learn how to do the meds, possibly doing a trial transfer, and signing lots of paperwork.

Today I got another call from the nurse saying that she was calling in my meds to the pharmacy.  They would be calling me to confirm insurance details.  It seems I will definitely be doing injects.  About an hour later the nice pharmacy lady called.  She took down the insurance info and said she would put my order in right away.  Someone will be calling within the next 48 hours to go over details, but we will likely be picking up the meds this weekend!


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