Monday, December 30, 2013

Merry F'in Christmas

CD1 was Christmas Day.  Luckily being surrounded by family made the day much easier.  Wine helped too.  It was a relatively quick and easy period, getting my lining issues under control seems to have helped a lot in that department.  When I called in to report CD1 to the RE I also requested an appointment with Dr. S to talk about moving forward.  Since we've never been able to do back to back medicated cycles I didn't have much hope for our last ditch IUI.

Dave and I had already taken off Thursday and Friday in anticipation of Christmas in Boston so it turned into a staycation.  We got home mid-day Thursday and lazed around the house.  Friday morning I went in for CD3 monitoring.  As I was getting in the car to head home Dave called.  The kitchen renovation guys had arrived and were ready to rip our kitchen apart.  Being a week earlier than planned, we were not ready and agreed that Monday would be a better time to start.

Nurse V called that afternoon with my results.  There was a cyst on my right ovary and my estrogen levels were a bit high.  Surprise, surprise.  They wanted me to come back Sunday morning to check again and see if the cycle could be saved.  We spent the next two days cleaning up around the house and getting the kitchen ready for it's destruction.

Sunday morning I headed back to the office for blood work and vag cam date #2.  I got the fun vag and belly wand combo again.  The tech was very sweet though and finished up as fast as she could.  When she asked if I was still bleeding the thick lining alarm bells started going off in my brain.  I left the office firmly believing I'd be starting birth control that night.  Imagine my complete surprise when Nurse V called and instructed me to start the Clomid.

So here we are on CD6 with one Clomid pill down and four more to go.  I'm trying to be hopeful that we'll make it to IUI this time.  We have a sit down appointment with Dr. S next Monday so we'll have a plan in place should this cycle fail.  In the meantime Dave is working from home today as the kitchen guys rip out our old cabinets.  Here are some pics of the original kitchen, I'll post progress photos as we go along.
The cats were very confused.

They will be adding counter top and cabinets on this wall

Started ripping down the ugly wallpaper header.

New cabinets will go all the way to the ceiling

That microwave will be trashed and a new one will be installed above the stove

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  1. I'm so pumped for your kitchen renovation! AND for your IUI cycle! I have EVERYTHING crossed that you actually make it to your IUI this time and that THIS is finally your butterfly cycle! Xoxo