Monday, December 23, 2013

Rookie mistake

This weekend was crazy busy.  Dave and I finished up our Christmas shopping, got drunk on prickly pear margaritas with his folks, cleaned up around the house, I baked cookies, and wrapped all the presents.  All that's left to do is pack tonight.  We're going down to my brother's girlfriend's mom's house for Christmas this year.  My Dad is coming down on the train tomorrow evening and we'll pick him up after work and drive down together.

This weekend also brought two BFNs.  Saturday I took a FRER and after a few minutes it was a BFN.  An hour later I was cleaning and I made rookie mistake number one by looking at it again.  Of course there is a faint evap line that seems to have color to it.  Rookie mistake number two was letting myself get excited over it.  Luckily good sense took over quickly and the pee stick was tossed for good.  Sunday, after a night of drinking and barely any sleep, both a wondfo and FRER came up negative again.  This morning my temperature took a big dive meaning my period will be here anytime now.  Merry F'ing Christmas.

The plan at this point is to try Clomid+IUI one more time.  During the cycle I want to meet with Dr. S to go over our next step.  I really want to push for Mini IVF or IVF.  Unless we can magically make lefty the dominant ovary IUIs seem like a waste.  I'd like to give it a try though while we decide the next step, it's better than being on birth control.

In better news our kitchen renovation will now start on January 3rd.  We just have a few things to move into the guest room and ugly decorative liner to rip down.  So while we're ending 2013 on a low note, we'll be starting 2014 with a fancy new kitchen and hopefully be decided on the plan that creates our rainbow baby.

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