Monday, January 6, 2014

2014, a year of possibilities

Happy New Year!  Things have been quite busy for the Wolf clan as our kitchen renovation is moving ahead at full steam.  All we are waiting on now is the granite, which they made the templates for today, and the backsplash.  We're stalled until the granite comes in so we are looking at a completion date of early next week.

There has been a lot happening in fertility news.  My u/s on Saturday showed three follies on the right at 19,18, and 12 and two follies on the left at 12 and 10.  Wanting to give lefty a chance to catch up Dr. S had me come in this morning for another round of monitoring.  We already had our consult scheduled for this afternoon so we'd talk over the results then.  Dave was home with the kitchen guys so he met me at the office.

Unsurprisingly the lefties did not catch up and our IUI is cancelled.  When discussing our options moving forward Dr. S felt that IVF would be our best hope.  He actually said that he was thinking about me today during an ER (egg retrieval for IVF).  On 25mg Clomid I made more follicles than half of the women he was seeing that morning for ER.  At this point I mentioned Mini IVF and he had been thinking the same thing.  They don't usually do it in this center, but most women aren't like me.  He was going to go over it with his colleagues and bring our case to the table during their IVF meeting on Friday.

One big hurdle is going to be getting approval from the insurance company.  They require three IUIs to be completed and the use of super ovulation medications, like injects, to be completed before moving to IVF.  Hopefully the combination of my half uterus, cancelled IUIs, and crazy response to Clomid will be sufficient to bypass the requirements.  

Dr. S will call sometime next week to talk about the meeting and we'll go forward from there.

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