Monday, December 9, 2013

In an instant

The office was almost empty when I got there Saturday morning.  I left Dave at home so he could sleep, though I began to regret that decision while sitting in the u/s room alone.  Dr. S came in and explained why he brought me in.  He had been ready for me to trigger Friday night for Sunday IUI, but there were some big discrepancies in my follicle sizes and he wanted to see what was actually going on in there.  I will say, that man is extremely gentle during an u/s.

In actuality there was a 14mm follicle on my left ovary and two follies on the right measuring 20mm and 18mm.   In light of this news he didn't want to waste the trigger and downgraded us to TI.  It felt like my heart dropped into my stomach.  This seemingly perfect cycle had transformed into a nearly hopeless one in a matter of minutes.  

We chatted for a bit about our future options.  Dr. S really wants to give Clomid one more try if this cycle fails.  My response has always been great, he called the response to my first cycle of 25mg perfect.  If that does not work then we will have to regroup and discuss our next step.  Then I went home, snuggled into bed with Dave, and cried for a bit.  Being the amazing husband that he is Dave comforted me, went out to pick up breakfast, and served me breakfast in bed.

On Sunday we had a small NJ Dreamer GTG.  During our manicures (can I just mention that there was a 6 month old baby at the salon, WTF universe?) a lovely Dreamer brought up Mini IVF as a possible good option for us.  It uses Clomid as the base medication with some injects instead of the traditional all injects IVF.  I will have to research more, but I feel like that would be a good place to start.  Dr. S has always been apprehensive about injects with my UU and I really can't deal with having my IUIs cancelled every cycle because I respond on the wrong ovary.

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  1. <3 I'm always thinking of you and I know your butterfly is in there, just waiting to hatch and call you mama. I know you will find the way!