Friday, December 6, 2013


The RE office was apparently the hip place to be this morning.  The nurse had warned me it would be crazy so we got there around 7:15 for my 7:50 appointment.  The waiting room was packed and I noticed both u/s techs were calling people back.  I've never seen both working at the same time.  Taking blood was quick and easy today and I was called back for u/s soon after.

They only have one u/s room so another exam room was set up as overflow.  The tech, now known as Poker Face thanks to a fellow IDOBer, was apologetic as the room had no curtain to change behind.  At this point in my IF journey I completely lack shame or modesty so it didn't bother me.  Once up on the table she apologized for the other thing the room was missing, the lube warmer.  Things you never miss until they are gone, especially in a cold room....  The u/s was nowhere near as painful as yesterday and she finished up quickly.

The nurse called in the early afternoon with my results.  She said my estrogen was rising and my follicles were growing.  I expected instructions for trigger, but she blindsided me with an appointment for monitoring tomorrow morning.  Dr S wants to do an u/s himself.  In my confusion I forgot to ask about the follie measurements.

I'm a little nervous about tomorrow.  Why does Dr. S want to do the u/s himself?  Did the 14 and 13 on the right catch up?  Is he worried about multiples?  Ugh!  Is it tomorrow yet?

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