Wednesday, December 11, 2013


The day after we get the kitchen almost completely packed up and put away I get a call from the contractor.  The installer won't be ready to start until next week, but they don't want to run over the holidays.  Instead they will start after the holidays.

I was looking forward to having the kitchen done and ready to entertain my family who will be down for Christmas.  Now we have to get by for three weeks with a few pots and pans that hadn't been packed away yet.  Oh well, I guess this gives us a chance to go through all our crap and get rid of stuff.  I'd like to get all new dinnerware, stuff that is better for entertaining.  Our current stock is mostly chipped and impractical for large gatherings.   

On a Debbie Downer note, I think I ovulated (the pain around my ovaries is gone) and looking at the calendar that means my period will start right before or on Christmas.  Won't that be lovely?

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