Thursday, December 5, 2013

That's more like it

This morning's appointment was rough.  My arm hadn't quite healed yet from Monday so the blood draw was very painful.  Luckily my veins were awake and the vial filled up quickly.  Since it is getting close to IUI time we had some enthusiastic fun to "clean out the pipes" last night.  Unfortunately that made the ultrasound very uncomfortable this morning.  The tech had problems finding my right ovary and had me pushing down on it while she probed.  I was shaking and just trying to breathe normally.  She got the measurements as fast as she could and it was over.

The nurse called later with my results.  The 10mm follicle from Monday has grown to 17mm and three more follies had popped up on my right measuring at 14, 13, and 11.  This explains all the activity I've felt around that ovary the past two days.  It also fits in with my usual response to Clomid, though I have half the follicles this time.  Considering the dominant follicle is on my left for once, there will be no complaining from me.

Dr. S is again happy with my E2 levels and wants to give the 17mm some more time to grow.  I go back in tomorrow morning for another round of monitoring.  The nurse said IUI could possibly be this weekend.  Of course I have plans for Sunday with some lovely IDOB ladies so hopefully it won't be scheduled during that time frame.  

I continue to be excited, scared, and hopeful.  

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