Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Level 3B: in progress

Unfortunately my blood work showed I was already surging so we were downgraded to TI.  Womp womp.

There is a lot of activity going on in my ovaries.  I have been keeping track of my temperature and using OPKs.  No temp spike or positive OPK yet, but feel like O is happening today.  Really hoping to get an egg or two from my left ovary and that TI will be enough.

Dave and I worked from home yesterday.  We had the condo inspector coming to make sure we put a spring hinge on the front door and we had to be home.  The inspection took five seconds.  He knocked, I opened the door, he saw the hinge, approved, then left.  Luckily we were able to get the contractor for the kitchen to come in as well.  He was very nice and we chatted for bit.  Sakura was all over him, rubbing against his shoes and demanding attention.  He got the needed measurements and will call us when the design is ready.  We'll then go in for a ~2 hour meeting with him to finalize everything and make any changes we want.  Once approved they should be starting work around January.

I think I will feel a lot better once ovulation is confirmed.  There's really no chance at this point of getting a BFP on my birthday since I'll be ~7DPO, but I'll gladly take a belated present a few days later.

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