Thursday, October 3, 2013

Level 2 cleared

I am very grateful for this warmer than usual weather.  Yesterday morning we left the house at 6am and I didn't even need a jacket.  Not many cars were on the road yet and we made it to Dr. S's office relatively quickly.  While I am in no way a morning person, there is a serious perk to having the first appointment of the day.  The nurse took me back for blood work right after I signed in.  It hurt more than usual, but my troll veins relinquished blood quite easily.

The ultrasound was not pleasant.  My right ovary was way over to the side, almost impossible to see with the trans vaginal ultrasound.  She tried the usual technique of pushing down on my abdomen while searching with the vag wand, but no luck.   All it accomplished was giving me major cramps and discomfort.  Out came the regular wand and she was able to get a good view.  After what felt like an eternity she was done.  As usual she didn't give any results, but once again wished me luck.  This worked out well last time so my spirits were up.

Dave and I were working from home that day so we stopped at a little place to grab breakfast.  As usual when we work from home there was a large crisis at the office.  Luckily the outside tech company had a handle on it and we didn't have to rush in.  Good thing too since I didn't have my laptop and was wearing yoga pants, an old t-shirt, and a very worn hoodie.

Around 1pm the nurse called with my results.  She didn't give me the actual sizes, but I had two follies nearing maturity on my right ovary.  There are two smaller ones that may or may not catch up on my left.  I go back in tomorrow morning for another ultrasound and more blood work.  If things have progressed I could be triggering tomorrow night.  Not sure when IUI would be, but have a feeling it would be Sunday morning.

Of course we have plans to go down to Maryland for the weekend.  Our friends B and R live in Baltimore and plan a big group trip to the Maryland Ren Faire every fall.  The Faire trip is on Sunday, but we were going to head down Saturday afternoon to spend the day with them.  At this point it is what it is.  We'll know for sure what's up tomorrow.  Best case scenario is trigger on Saturday with IUI on Monday morning.  

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