Friday, September 27, 2013

Level 1 cleared

Just after lunch I got the call from the nurse with my results.  I was so nervous, trying to ready myself for bad news.  When she said I could start the Clomid that night I almost cried.  She said that Dr. S wanted me to start taking a baby aspirin everyday as well.  My follow up ultrasound and blood work is scheduled for next Wednesday morning.  I'm happy they are doing it on CD9 in case I respond quickly again.  A short while later I got the call from Mandell's pharmacy to set up my customer profile.  They would have to run everything through insurance first, but I can hopefully pick up my Ovidrel (trigger shot) tomorrow.

I felt a little silly cutting the Clomid pill in half last night.  It's such a small pill already.  At least it was very easy to swallow with a big gulp of water.  No disgusting taste was left behind either.  The baby aspirin are orange chewables and are actually quite tasty.  No side effects so far, hoping I can get away symptom free this time.

One thing I am most excited about is being able to go back the gym.  I gained a few pounds during my exercise restrictions last month and I'm sick of my pants being tight.  My new goal is to not have to buy any new clothes until I'm in need of maternity sizes.    

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