Friday, October 25, 2013

Level 1, again

CD2 with a super heavy period.  My favorite nurse, E, called yesterday to set up baseline and make sure I was set on meds for this cycle.  The first thing she asked was if I felt okay, Dr. S was concerned and wanted to make sure I wasn't having any pain or discomfort.  It feels really great to know you are not just another name on a chart.  

We're going to try the 25mg Clomid+trigger+IUI again since I responded so well last cycle.  I have the Clomid already and will pick up my trigger shot after my baseline tomorrow morning.  Two big fears for this cycle are being cancelled because of cysts and messing up my trigger again.  I may have Dave uncap the needle this time.

One thing I am interested to see is how I respond to the 25mg Clomid again.  Usually there is a worry about diminishing returns and thinned lining, but my ovaries seem to defy logic and thinning my lining wouldn't be such a terrible thing.  On 25mg I had nearly three times the number of measurable follicles than I had on 50mg.  It would be great to get a nice mature follicle or two on the left side to work with.

If we can just get past tomorrow's ultrasound with no cysts I think this cycle will be okay and we'll make it to IUI.


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  1. I am always thinking of you and hoping for the best. FX that your body cooperates!!!