Friday, October 18, 2013

Final level?

Will the Princess/Prince be in this castle or will we have to move on to the next castle?

Tomorrow I will be 10DPO and plan on testing in the morning.  I'm trying to be confident and hopeful, yet keeping my heart guarded at the same time.  This cycle did not go exactly as planned, but in the end I still ovulated.  There may have even been an egg or two from lefty.  Still it feels like any cycle with a chance ends the same way, in failure.

We went pumpkin picking last weekend with some of the amazing IDOB Jersey ladies and their husbands.  It was an amazing time and we're already planning our next get together.  Dave and I got two pumpkins while there.  My dream plan is to use them to announce to our parents if we get a BFP this cycle.  The larger one would say Baby Wolf and the smaller one would have the due date (July 2nd).

I've had more pregnancy dreams than usual during this 2WW.  The two that stand out are the one in which we have two boys, one a toddler and the other an infant, and the one where I am pregnant and we're hanging out with friends.  The second one felt so real, waking up was quite a surprise.  Besides the dreams I am experiencing incredibly sore nipples and crazy bloat.  The sore nipples are strange.  I usually have extremely sore breasts, but this time only the nipples hurt.  Trying not to read too much into it.

One more sleep until I can test!


  1. That would be a super cute way to announce if you get your BFP! FX for you!!!!

  2. Girl, I am hoping so, so hard for you!!!!!!!

  3. FX that you get to use those pumpkins the way you dream of!!