Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Well then

It seems like things are leaning more towards BFN than BFP.  I had very light spotting yesterday, but didn't think much of it.  This morning it had turned into more consistent brown spotting.  When combined with my sour mood, increasingly sore bosoms, and feeling like I'm about to break down crying tells me that CD1 will be here soon.

This cycle was a long shot.  With the dominant follicle being on the wrong ovary our chances were slim.  It also would have been too perfect to get pregnant this cycle.  To have conceived our rainbow baby down in Baltimore, the place we met and got engaged, would have been too good a story.  We never seem lucky enough to get those perfect moments.

What does this mean for the future?  Next cycle will be a bit more intensive.  Not sure if they will keep me at the same dosage of Clomid, I did respond well at 50mg with three follicles.  On CD3 I will go in for a baseline u/s and b/w to make sure everything looks good.  Then CD3-7 I will take Clomid.  Since I surged so early last cycle they may want me to start coming in for follicle checks around CD9 again.  Hopefully I will produce a nice big follie on my left side this time.  Most ladies do a trigger shot during IUI cycles.  Once the follies mature a trigger shot forces your body to ovulate.  This way the IUI (intra-uterine insemination) can be timed properly.  The morning of the IUI Dave will provide a sperm sample.  The sperm will be washed then placed directly into my uterus via catheter.  Not sure if I will be put on progesterone after IUI since my numbers have always been good.

It's nice knowing we are getting a little more aggressive next cycle.  Of course I will be upset once CD1 gets here, but we know my body does respond to fertility meds.  For now I am just doing my best not to blow up at anyone who pisses me off today.  

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