Thursday, August 29, 2013

Weighing the options

I saw Dr. S yesterday for an ultrasound.  He wanted to personally look at my ovaries and check my heart.  My heart rate was perfectly normal and I was not having any pains or trouble breathing.  During the ultrasound he pointed everything out on the screen.  My ovaries were enormous and he could not tell where one ended and the other began.  He did not find any fluid in the cavity so it could not be labeled OHSS (Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome).  There was a small victory in that my lining was down to 8mm.

After the scan he gave me a sheet of strict instructions to follow.  It is basically slightly modified OHSS precautions.  Absolutely no intercourse/tampons/anything up the hoohah for at least a week, possibly two.  I'm not quite on bed rest, but need to stay off my feet as much as possible.  I cannot do any lifting, strenuous activity like exercising or dancing, or heavy housework.  If I have any abdominal pain, trouble breathing, problems urinating, or gain more than 3 pounds in 48 hours then I need to call in immediately.        

I go in tomorrow afternoon for another ultrasound and afterwards we'll discuss our plan moving forward.  We have the day off from work so Dave will be able to come as well.  Our options at this point are to try Clomid again at half the dosage or move on to injects.  Both plans have their risks.  With Clomid I could have the same response and my ovaries blow up.  With injects the risk of multiples increases greatly, which is something we want to avoid.

Dave and I went out to dinner last night and talked about these possible plans.  I explained the risks each plan would entail.  After much discussion we decided to lean towards injects.  My body just does not react as it should and it seems foolish to try Clomid again.  Injects, while increasing the risk for multiples, usually do not have any side effects and is easier on the body overall.  There is also a lot more monitoring involved in case my ovaries go crazy again.

For now I am taking it easy and trying not to overdo it.  Hopefully my ovaries are shrinking and we'll get some good news tomorrow afternoon.  We're going out shopping tonight since I need a dress for a wedding on Sunday.  I'm so bloated that everything I own makes me look and feel like a whale.  Hopefully I'll find something nice and comfortable that doesn't make me look enormous.        

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  1. I'm sorry you responded that way this cycle, that sounds awful. I hope your ovaries simmer down there! Good luck moving forward with injects for next cycle, hopefully you won't experience these kind of side effects and it will be YOUR cycle!