Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend trips

One of the best things about having a normal person schedule is the ability to go on weekend trips.  If you’re lucky you can even make it a long weekend.  Our friends E & M got married over the weekend down in DC.  Dave and I were able to get Friday off so we headed down Thursday night.  It was an easy drive, though Dave was not a fan of the more organic roads in the city. 

On Friday we woke up early and headed to the National Zoo.  It was a beautiful space, very open with some of the most active animals we’ve ever seen at a zoo.  By the time we finished up it was starting to get a little crowded.  We left and headed downtown.  Finding parking was a bit of a nightmare, but we finally found a garage.  After grabbing a quick bite we walked down to the Smithsonians.  We hit up the Air and Space museum first.  Dave observed that there hadn’t been many updates since he visited in the 8th grade.  The Natural History museum was our last stop.  Our feet were aching by that point, but we made our way through all of the exhibits.  We finished up the night by having dinner and drinks with Dave’s cousin K.

The wedding was Saturday night and it was a blast.  The ceremony was beautiful, the food was great, and it was an open bar.  The bar had an unfortunate “no shots” policy, which we got around by ordering Fireball whiskey neat in a small glass.  That stuff burns, but it tastes so good.  We all danced, drank, and made fools of ourselves.  It was a wonderful escape from the stress and anxiety that ruled my life the previous week.

Today is my last day of Clomid.  It has to be the worst tasting medication I’ve ever had.  It took two tries to swallow it last night and I had to rinse twice with mouthwash to get rid of the taste.  It seems I scraped by with only minimal side effects.  The first three nights I had terrible hot flashes.  Each morning I woke up drenched in sweat.  My period has gone down to dark brown spotting, hopefully it will be gone by tomorrow.

Wednesday is my follie check.  Since we are going away Wednesday night and will be down in Baltimore until Sunday night my u/s will be a little early.  They usually do them CD10-12, but mine will be on CD9.  Hopefully we’ll see some growth, preferably on my left ovary.     

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