Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Full circle?

Today was an early day for the Wolf clan.  After staying up a bit too late last night, trying to finish up packing for our trip to Baltimore tonight, we rolled out of bed at 6.  Dave dropped me off at Dr. S's office and went to get us breakfast.  There was barely anyone there today so I went back right away.  Taking blood wasn't too bad today, but she didn't get much before my vein rolled and disappeared.

I was a little disheartened when I saw who would be the u/s tech.  She is a squat woman with frizzy red hair and wears pale lipstick with very dark lip liner.  It's a very bizarre look, but she is generally nice.  The problem is that she always has trouble finding my right ovary.  I had to explain my UU, confirm that I do in fact have both ovaries, and confirm that my thick lining is okay.

The search for my wandering ovary was, yet again, awful.  After a few minutes of severe discomfort and pushing down on my abdomen she decided to pull out the regular u/s wand.  Using that she was finally able to find it quickly.  This might be TMI, but I found it to be incredibly weird/funny at the time.  While using the regular wand she left the dildo cam inside me.  All I could think about was "what if it falls out, will it just shatter all over the floor?".  Luckily it stayed put and she finished up a few minutes later. 

After lunch I got the call from one of my favorite nurses.  It seems like the sharp pains I felt around my right ovary was indeed growing pains.  My right ovary had two follicles measuring 15mm and 12mm.  Lefty also had a 12mm follie.  According to my b/w I should be ovulating very soon so it is go time tonight and tomorrow.

I was really worried about not responding well to Clomid.  I do wish the larger follicle was on the left ovary, but pregnancy stories of eggs traveling over to the other tube keep my spirits up.  As mentioned in a previous post, Baltimore is a very special place for Dave and me.  Conceiving our rainbow baby there would be a hell of a story.        


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