Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's happening

We are officially in our first medicated cycle.  The protocol is 50mg Clomid + TI (Timed Intercourse). 

After some disagreements with Dr. S about monitoring, something they are apparently quite lax with low dose Clomid + TI cycles, everything was worked out today and I take my first Clomid pill tonight.  Dave and I will be down in DC for a wedding tonight through Sunday.  Then we go down to Baltimore next week Wednesday night through Sunday.  I'll have a follicle scan on Wednesday morning.  It'll be a little early at CD9, but hopefully we'll see some development.

Things have really fallen into place.  Next week marks 7 years since Dave and I met and started dating.  It also marks 5 years since he proposed at the place we met in Baltimore.  Now we return to Baltimore for the first time since we started TTC and it falls during our first medicated cycle.  Good things have always happened to us in Baltimore, I hope we can look back at this as the year we conceived our rainbow baby.

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  1. Ahhh this is so exciting!!! Good luck on Wednesday! Can't wait to hear the update :) and happy meet-a-versary!