Monday, July 29, 2013

FF giveth and taketh away.

Over the weekend my temp stayed down in the 96.8 range and FF took away my cross hairs.  So much for ovulating this cycle.  I've started cramping and had some red spotting last night so hopefully my period will show up soon.  If it showed up today or tomorrow the timing would work out to start Clomid this cycle!

We're heading down to DC on Thursday night for a wedding and coming back Sunday.  Then next week we head down to Baltimore on Wednesday night and come back late Sunday.  In a perfect world this Thursday would be CD 3/4 and next Wednesday would be CD 10/11.  On a Clomid cycle I'll need to have a CD3 u/s to check my ovaries for cysts.  After an all clear I would take the Clo from CD 3-7.  Then on CD 10ish I would have another u/s to check response.  I figure Dr. S will have us do TI (timed intercourse) since Dave's numbers are great, but don't know if we'll do a trigger shot.  

So much of infertility is just waiting.  We've done a lot of waiting the past 6 months and are finally one step away from moving forward.  Come on mini ute, let's get the timing right on this one!             

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