Friday, July 19, 2013

Shut up and take my money

Hobby Lobby is going to take all my money.

A brand new one just opened near us so we headed there after work on Wednesday.  It was like a dream come true.  The very best things about Joann's, A.C. Moore, Michaels, Home Goods, and the Christmas Tree Shop all rolled into one store.  I have been wanting to get into some crafty projects and Dave was very excited about the models and paints.  Congratulations Hobby Lobby, you will be acquiring quite a bit of money from us.

I am working on my costume for Otakon (yes, I'm a cosplaying otaku) and was able to get all the fabric, bias tape, velcro, pattern, and thread for about $70.  Hopefully between YouTube videos and my minimal sewing skills I can get this project done in the next three weeks.  I've never sewn anything completely on my own before and it is a little daunting.  It's a group cosplay too, adding on the pressure to make sure my costume looks good.

I am hoping it goes well and I gain a bit more confidence with sewing.  There are a few projects I have in mind and many more that I'd like to do during pregnancy.  Since we cleaned out the second bedroom for Space Game Weekend it has become the designated craft room.  We had purchased two adjustable height 6' tables from Costco for gaming.  Those are now set up and covered with everything I need for my project.

So far I have finished cutting out the patterns and will be doing all of the pinning tonight.  Hopefully I will have all the pinning and cutting done this weekend.  Maybe I can even get some of the pieces pinned together if I'm lucky.

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