Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Back to reality

St. Lucia was amazing!  The weather was absolutely perfect, mid 80s and partly cloudy the entire time.  The hotel was small, but the staff was very attentive and kind.  Most of our time was spent sitting by the pool drinking fruity concoctions and reading.  I can't even count how many frozen Banana Mamas I drank over the five days.  In usual fashion I got a wicked sunburn on the first day.  It's gone down a bit, but I will be wearing pants for the next few days.  We came home with a bottle of Chairman's spiced rum as our only souvenir.

I am charting again this cycle, but didn't bring the thermometer on vacation.  A small part of me hoped to come home to a big temp spike.  Of course I don't have that kind of luck.  Conceiving during a tropical getaway right before we start treatments?  Unfortunately that's not how our story is going to play out.

Woke up to a normal pre-O temp on Monday morning.  Shook it off and got ready for the day.  Dave and I had taken the day off from work, wanting an extra day to come down from our vacation high.  What better way to do that than an endometrial biopsy?  Yep, nearly two months after the original appointment the biopsy was finally done.  Dr. S commented that we needed to work quickly before I started bleeding again.  The procedure was quick, but fairly painful.  He proved that the radiologist who did my HSG was an idiot.  Within a minute Dr. S had placed the speculum, cleaned my cervix with iodine, and inserted the catheter.  So much for that weirdly placed cervix.  In order to collect the lining sample Dr. S had to swirl the catheter around to create suction.  The cramps were unbelievable.  I had to do some deep breathing to get through the pain.  Dr. S triple checked that he had collected a large enough sample.  He said one of the worst calls to get from pathology was that they needed a bigger sample.  The results will be back in about a week and we will go from there.

We spent the rest of the day doing fun things, like seeing Pacific Rim.  Seriously one of the best summer blockbusters I have ever seen.  It's everything you ever wanted out of a giant robot vs. monsters movie.  We will probably see it at least two or three more times in theaters.  We finished out the day with our weekly Game Night.  Dave made beef kebabs for dinner and we played Illuminati.  Illuminati is an older card game that places you in charge of a secret society.  You have to gain control of different groups like Sci Fi Fans, Democrats, the Phone Company, etc.  The first person to have 9 groups under their control wins.  Each secret society also has a secret objective like collecting a certain amount of money or having a certain number of groups with the same classification (weird, liberal, violent, fanatic, etc.).  It was fun, but a bit slow in the beginning.  Nobody had really played it before and the first two rounds were spent stumbling through the rules.

This morning I had a small temp spike, but it could just be from drinking last night.  We'll see what the next few days hold.

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