Monday, June 17, 2013

Still spotting

This is never going to end.  I feel completely helpless.  Took the last Provera pill on Friday night and had a very light spotting day on Saturday.  Come Sunday and today, back to heavy brown spotting with tinges of pink.  I've also been experiencing very sharp cramping from both ovaries.  Perhaps my period will be starting soon?  Or perhaps my right ovary is trying to burst out of my abdomen, that's pretty much what it feels like right now.  Wouldn't that be lovely.

I hate feeling like this.  I just want a little progress, to feel like something is going our way.  Instead I have a malfunctioning uterus, a busted dryer, and busted A/C in my car with a bonus slow leaking tire.  That's just how I wanted to spend our extra money, no need to throw it into our kitchen remodeling fund like originally planned.  We already had to replace Dave's car windshield last week.

When is it our turn for good news?

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  1. I'm so sorry. I really hope the spotting will stop soon. (((Big Hugs)))