Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New look

I was getting pretty tired of my blog template and found the great Cutest Blog on the Block site via a fellow Bumpie Sueann.  It's filled with awesome backgrounds and banners to customize your blog.  I'm not really sure what direction I am heading in with the design of this blog.  I always imagined this blog being about a very nerdy pregnancy and subsequent nerdy parenting.  As of right now it is a virtual diary to vent my frustrations about IF and TTCAL.  I've had plenty of ideas of weekly posts about board games, fashion, video games, etc. though do not have the motivation to start them up.      

I really thought we would be at a different place in our lives by now.  Our sweet bean would be around 7 months old right now.  I never imagined we would be here, stuck in a holding pattern for over a month and held hostage by the whims of my little uterus.  The spotting has turned into a dark reddish brown flow though, I imagine my period will start any day now.      

It's been a very hard few weeks and our vacation cannot come soon enough.  A few days of doing nothing except laying by the pool and drinking fruity cocktails is just what my body and soul need right now.  I think I also need to reset some priorities and not let TTC take over my life so much.  Just need to find a new project to throw myself into.  Perhaps doing a weekly fashion post would be a good start.

Also, I tried to make the text as readable as possible.  Please let me know if you have trouble reading anything.  If need be I will add a semi transparent background.    


  1. I think the text looks good!

    I feel you on trying to not let IF & TTC take over your life. I definitely struggle with that. I'm hoping your period will restart soon and that this vacation will be just what you need to recharge!

  2. Thanks for posting the link to the backgrounds! I always wondered where everyone got their super cute backgrounds! I think it looks awesome! I hope you have a great vacation!