Wednesday, June 5, 2013


So remember that light bleeding that started on Sunday?  It died down and I was feeling confident that everything would go according to plan.  Think again Wolf.  By Monday evening the dam had broken and I started a medium flow.

Tuesday morning I called Dr. S.  He called me back later in the day and I told him about the bleeding.  He wanted me to come in for the appointment anyway, at the very least he could do an u/s and wanted to draw blood to check my hormones.  Feeling frustrated, I decided to let it all out by starting a new workout routine.  It's the Nerd Fitness Beginner Body Weight Workout.  Here's the rundown:

  • 5 minute warm up
  • 20 body weight squats
  • 10 push ups
  • 20 lunges
  • 10 dumbbell rows (I'm using 5lb weights to start, hope to move up to the 12lbers soon)
  • 15 second plank
  • 30 jumping jacks
  • Repeat a 2nd time
  • Repeat a 3rd time if you can
  • Stretch it out
I made it halfway through the second set before I had to stop.  Dave was very amused by my legs turning to jelly.  It felt great to be working out again, even though my quads are incredibly sore today.  The plan is to do that every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  For Monday, Wednesday, Friday I would like to try the Nerd Fitness Interval Training.  Sunday will be a rest/walking day.

I really need to remember to take a before picture and measurements....

Anyway, I went in for my appointment this morning.  The nurse could not catch a vein, so I drank some water and we would try again after the u/s.  Dr. S did the u/s and my lining was at 13mm.  He feels it could be a lot of breakthrough bleeding due to my annovulatory cycles.  If my b/w comes back with low estrogen and progesterone, he will put me on BCPs for a bit to try and thin the lining out.  Once my bleeding stops he'll get me in within 24-48 hours for the biopsy.

The nurse had no luck trying to draw blood.  She felt bad and was hesitant to stick my hand.  Instead they wrote up the b/w and I made an appointment at LabCorp for this afternoon.  They should have the results within a day so we'll move forward from there.


  1. Sorry about the bleeding :-( PS: I like the workout routines! Thanks for posting. I think I'm going to try it too.

    1. Thanks! The workout really kicked my ass, but I felt great (minus the jelly legs) afterwards!