Thursday, June 6, 2013

One or the other

Yesterday sucked.

After getting to work I had a huge project dumped on my desk.  It's extremely tedious and mind numbing and will probably take at least a week to finish.  Then lunch takes about two hours to be delivered.  Already at the point where my stomach is about to eat itself, I ripped open the cover and almost cried.  Even though the instruction of 'no shrimp' was given three times, there sat a few huge pieces of smelly shrimp on top of my chicken picadinho.  I could barely stomach it, everything tasted like shrimp.  We will never be ordering from them again.

We left work a little early so I could get my blood drawn.  Seeing the craptastic day I was having, Dave made reservations at our favorite restaurant.  Dinner was amazing and we witnessed a stunning example of bad parenting mixed with awesome restaurant owners.  Firstly, it's a very small restaurant.  A couple walks in with their young son and he immediately starts running around the tables as the parents stand near the door conversing.  The owner, B, asks them to attend to their child.  They don't move a muscle and the kid goes running towards the counter to look at the fish tank.  Chef D comes out and again asks the parents to take care of their child, stating children are not allowed to run around unsupervised in the restaurant.  Finally the father goes over to the little boy, who is banging on the fish tank yelling "MY FISHY!", and grabs him.  Thankfully they decided to leave.  It was a very nice night and we passed out soon after getting home.

Today, as I continued to work on the doom project, I got a call back from one of the nurses.  My blood work came back and there were two options.  Well maybe not options.  If my bleeding, which is still going strong, has ended by tomorrow morning then I will call Dr. S to schedule the biopsy.  If I am stil bleeding then I will start Provera on Saturday night for seven days.  Once the bleeding stops we'll revisit the biopsy.  So I have the Provera and a bottle of Motrin IB, one of them will be opened in the next few days.

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