Thursday, June 20, 2013

3 weeks

This is where Dave and I will be in 3 weeks.  Laying on lounge chairs, scotch/fruity cocktail in hand, and reading books under the beautiful St. Lucia skies.  I am beyond excited for this vacation.    

It is CD 38 and the bleeding saga continues.  Today it has been going back and forth between a moderate brown and dark red flow.  If it's still happening tomorrow or changes to more red I will call Dr. S.  I have no idea where we can go from here.  At this point I just don't want to be bleeding during our vacation.  If that means a month or two of BCPs, then so be it.  Maybe that would shrink my lining a bit.

In better news, the dryer should be getting fixed on Saturday morning.  I can't wait to be able to do laundry again.  We gave away our old entertainment unit to our friends J&K.  It has been sitting in the second bedroom just taking up space.  Now we can start reclaiming that room!  Just need to move some stuff into our attic space, preferably on a day that isn't too hot.  Hopefully we can get some stuff done this weekend!


  1. That looks amazing!!
    I feel your pain on laundry.

  2. That looks amazing!!! Have fun!