Tuesday, June 25, 2013


That is the day we either move forward with treatment or schedule a D&C.  

I love our RE office so much.  Their main office is about 30 minutes from home and another 30 minutes from our office.  We usually go to their satellite office during the week since it is about 5 minutes away from our work.  When I talked to the nurse earlier about the Friday ultrasound she booked us for 6:45 AM at the main office.  Not a big deal, we would just have to leave extra early.  Well not ten minutes later she calls back saying that they could accommodate us at the satellite location right at 8 AM if that would be easier for us.  

The nurses and receptionists are so wonderful.  They really make you feel like an individual, not just another name on a file.  I feel that we are very lucky do have such a wonderful RE, with a caring staff, that is so close to our home and work.  It has really made these past 6 months of testing, setbacks, and shocking news bearable.

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