Monday, June 24, 2013

Ready for that good news

Well looks like we will be buying a new washer dryer.  The machine in our condo is a laundry center, washer on bottom and dryer on top stuffed into a small utilities closet, and it's about ten years old.  Apparently the sealant for the dryer hose had disintegrated so lint was being funneled into the circuitry.  Lint plus circuitry equals fire.  Yes, there had been a small lint fire inside the machine which melted all of the wiring and circuit boards.  While extremely thankful that the fire was small and contained, I can't help but feel that the universe is just taking great pleasure in beating me down.

We'll be waiting for the 4th of July sales to buy a new laundry center since they run about $1200.  The Sears repair tech gave us a $100 off coupon so that will help as well.  

Started Provera Take 2: Electric Boogaloo on Saturday night.  I will be happy if this is the last time I have to take them.  They make me incredibly nauseous, tired, and irritable.  I have been researching D&Cs and feel a little bit better about the procedure.  I don't want to be put under completely, that really freaks me out.  Twilight sleep seems like a much better option.  No need for a breathing tube and a faster recovery time as well.  If we do end up going this route it'll most likely be scheduled for when we get back from St. Lucia.  I really really don't want to spend our anniversary vacation abstaining.  Selfish I know, but that may put us on a better timeline to possibly start Clomid in mid August.    

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