Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Too many emotions

I love Boston.  I was born and raised ten minutes north of that beautiful city.  It feels like my heart has been ripped out.  Luckily all of our family and friends are safe.  My Dad works in South Boston, far from Copley.  My Mom and sister were home, but still heard the bombs.  Dave's cousin was heading down Boylston with her friends, but thankfully was nowhere near the finish line when the bombs went off.  I am thankful in this day and age for the technology available to us, people were able to check in quickly.  Hopefully technology will be able to help catch those responsible.  You do not fuck with Boston.

Quick whiny update:  Currently having a terrible acne breakout, including a very painful cystic pimple on my chin.  My ovaries feel like they are exploding, right now my left one is experiencing sharp pains.  The bleeding has slowed and as of this morning had turned brown.  My temperature also took a massive dive this morning.  My chart is starting to resemble a jagged mountain range.  I can't believe I let myself get my hopes up for this cycle.  

I need a stiff drink and a nap.

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