Monday, April 15, 2013

My body just loves to contradict me

Remember how happy I was the other day about possibly ovulating and the lack of spotting?  Apparently my body thought it would be hilarious to prove me wrong.  I had some bad cramping on my right side yesterday afternoon.  Chalked it up to gas pains or something like that.  We were out and about most of the day, including our first trip to Costco.  That place is dangerous by the way.  The pain had subsided by the time we got home.  When I went to the bathroom I noticed a lot of brownish pink blood on the toilet paper.  Thanks body, we were doing so well this cycle.

I woke up this morning to a slight temp drop, but putting in a higher dummy temp tomorrow does give me crosshairs for Saturday.  So, perhaps it was just ovulation spotting from an egg busting out with great force? I will choose to believe that for now, though I would appreciate ovulating on the side with the fallopian tube.  As of this morning the bleeding has slowed to a light brown spotting, hopefully it doesn't pick back up again. So tomorrow morning's temp will show if I am 3 DPO or just on CD 24.  I won't be sleeping well tonight. 

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