Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wanted: Time Machine

Preferably in the form of a Delorean or Tardis, thanks.

The nurse called back yesterday afternoon with the results of my blood work.  My levels from the blood draw on 3/8 showed very high estrogen and low progesterone.  They had told me that I was gearing up to ovulate.  My levels from yesterday's draw showed very high progesterone confirming that I did ovulate at some point after 3/8.  I was lackluster with the temping, but the past three days have shown a steady drop signaling that my period should be starting soon.

She bounced me over to the receptionist since Dr. S was ready to talk to about my MRI results.  Of course the next free appointment was next Wednesday morning.  ::sigh::  Hopefully by that point I'll have had a CD 3 and we can talk about those results in person as well.

So another week of waiting and worrying.  This pretty much sums up how I would prefer to spend the week.

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