Monday, March 18, 2013

Prelim results

While driving home on Friday, a little bummed about not hearing back from Dr. S, I notice my phone light up.  Sure enough, missed call from the office of Dr. S.  I swear they have special software that allows them to silence my phone and go straight to voice mail.  Dave listened to the message and cue the deja vu.  Dr. S had received the written results of my MRI, but needed the images.  Awesome.  Luckily the radiology place was open late so we stopped by on the way home to grab a CD.  Before leaving for dinner I couldn't resist looking.

From what I could gather from the written results and the help of Dr. Google with some medical terminology, my uterus is indeed a magical unicorn.  There is a small non-cavitary rudimentary horn, not sure if Dr. S will want it removed.  My right ovary showed an 18mm cyst and recent temps confirm that I did in fact ovulate sometime last week.  They also found multiple small follicles on both ovaries.  My lining was 15mm thick and in a bit of medical jargon I could not understand "the uterine myometrium appears heterogenous with no focal point" or something like that.  The big kicker was confirmation that I am missing my right kidney.

It looks like my dreams of playing pro football have been forever dashed.  All kidding aside, this does explain my "baby bladder" as Dave puts it.  I'm not sure if there are any lifestlye changes that will have to happen.  My blood pressure has always been in the normal range, never had a UTI, don't play any contact sports, and have always been generally healthy.

I had blood work taken this morning so I dropped off the CD afterwards.  The blood work sucked, the nurse had to dig around to catch the vein.  My arm is still very sore.  Hopefully Dr. S will have to time to look at the images today, I could use some good news.  Today marks the one year anniversary of my miscarriage.  I had to go to work that day and run two shows, spending the time in between shows holed up in the booth crying as I called my mom.  It was one of the worst days of my life.  Getting some good news today would be nice.

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