Thursday, March 21, 2013

Another dream

I had another vivid dream last night about having a baby.  It was a little more disjointed than my previous dream.  In the beginning I was visiting with random people and walking around.  Suddenly I was with Dave in a hospital room recovering from a c-section.  He was holding our newborn daughter, looking very much the proud new dad.  I got up, realizing we had nothing purchased for the baby.  I told Dave that I would be back soon, I needed to buy a Rock and Play for her to sleep in.  She also needed some clothes, a Pack and Play, a crib, and cloth diapers.  Weird, I know.  The dream sort of fell apart after that and I woke up.

The biggest thing that stuck with me after the dream was our daughter's name.  Now, I am a huge planner and have a Google Doc filled with baby names.  It includes the meanings and a few first name and middle name combinations.  It is mostly a mix of Irish and Hebrew names to honor both of our cultures.  We don't want to use any family names, but there is one tradition I feel we could honor.  There is a family name that has been passed down on Dave's side.  I won't write the whole name, just the initials.  His father is I. D. III and Dave was nearly the IVth.  Dave's mom put her foot down on that one, saying she would sooner name him Bozo the Clown.  Dave's dad goes by a completely different nickname, but Dave's grandfather was called I. D.  I never got to meet I.D., but the stories I've heard paint the picture of a loving and devoted father.

Now, I have been trying to think of ways to honor this family tradition.  There is no way I am naming a son I. D. IV, but the names on the list for a daughter bring up an interesting possibility.  In the dream our newborn daughter's name was Isla Danielle.  It not only honors the tradition, but also honors Dave.  For now I'm really loving the name and it fit that beautiful baby girl so well.  We'll just have to wait and see, a lot of things can change from now until the time I actually get pregnant.  My favorite names for boys have hit a steady plateau, but names for girls are constantly changing.


  1. I love that name! It's beautiful. I've had vivid pregnancy dreams before too, and I have never liked them because of what you feel you are missing when you wake up. Hopefully for both of us it will not always be just a dream!

    1. Thank you, I am really falling in love with it! I woke up just feeling confused, how could we have not purchased anything? It was very silly.

      Hopefully we'll get our little miracles soon!